Customer Acquisition


Customer targeting is vital for online and offline marketing activities and with NLM Solutions you can plan and implement yours quickly and efficiently. We evaluate your requirements and shortlist the best options for your targeting project.

Customer targeting can increase the efficiency of your current marketing activities to existing customers, help you find new markets and increase response and turnover. Customer segmentation and targeting can be used to fine-tune product or service features, influence marketing efforts, and should deliver a much better ROI for marketing campaigns.

Lead generation

If there aren’t enough people to reach out to in your database, you’ll never achieve the conversions you need. You need lead generation services designed especially for you that will be a source of sales leads for your sales team and form part of your marketing strategy.

Using NLM Solutions to source lead generation companies means that vetted service providers will be shortlisted for you. We can help you find the perfect marketing expertise for your industry, budget and location.